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Testimonials - Prestige Fine Art - Museum Quality Fine Art

This area is a sampling of heartfelt emotions allowing you to hear what other fine art enthusiasts have to say about our Museum Quality Fine Art Re-creations, first hand.

Pat Robertson - Christian Broadcasting Network
Pat Robertson commissioned two hand-painted oil replicas of Italian Renaissance masterpieces to grace the front wall of the Regent University chapel on both sides of the stained glass window. (see video below)

He also commented on these other works -- Our hotel is open and I just wanted you to know how absolutely beautiful the paintings that you provided us are. The standing portrait of Washington is nothing short of magnificent. I doubt if even an expert could tell that it is not the original. I want to thank you for making this outstanding service available, and I hope that you will have an opportunity to come and see these creations in their new home.

New York Times best selling author Alex Green commented
I was stunned the first time I walked into my colleague Mark's living room... and saw van Gogh's masterpiece, "Irises", hanging behind his sofa. I knew he couldn't possibly own the priceless original, of course. It was a perfect replica from Prestige Fine Art -- And it was gorgeous. Mark laughed and told me the painting has launched a hundred conversations about art from his guests over the years.

Following are more testimonials from happy art owners

We Love the painting of The Man in the Golden Hat. I think I have found the perfect frame. I had written to my friend in Berlin to take a Polaroid picture of the original painting and he just notified me that the painting was on loan outside of the museum in Berlin and would not be returned for a number of months. He could not find any photographs of it either, or posters so I guess I won't know at least for a while, what the original frame looks like. I am staring at it right now as I dictate this letter and it is remarkable. I am anxious, though to get a poster copy of the painting to see how authentic the facial expression is, etc., but it seems to be perfect. I have the poster on order. I have enclosed a picture of a picture that I have that I found in an antique shop a number of years ago. It seems to be black pen on white paper and it is done on both sides, so I had it framed in glass on both sides and I have enclosed a photograph of both sides. The picture measures 11 X 14 and the paper looks old and could be 30 or 40 years old, easily. It looks a little brown around the edges and has a couple of spots on it that appear to be old. I am certainly not an art expert, but I think I have good taste, and when I saw this picture it looked so professional I was almost overwhelmed with the lines and the figures and the quality. It has no artist signature, but it has such an air of professionalism and quality that I thought it have been done by a very good artist. Could you help me identify the artist or tell me where should I start? I would be disappointed if somebody said "Seventh grade art class ink on manila paper," but even if that is the case I still enjoy the picture and think it is beautiful.
Arnold E. Petsche

Thank you for taking your time with me on Tuesday. I was absolutely astonished by the art pieces you have. Surrounded by breathtaking paintings for the first time in a long while, I was truly moved and I felt my passion toward fine art was awakened anew. Dealing with mass production of graphic works on the computer every day without time to put my soul into them, I have been sad as an artist. When I entered your gallery, my heart was almost exploding as my sorrow became clearer and as the excitement of the paintings looking at me from all directions got bigger. I could do nothing but wish I were as good as your artists. I am a self confident person and am not afraid of trying many things, however when you asked me if I could paint in those styles that well I could not say yes confidently. My renewed interest in fine art is creating a desire to become as good as your artists and to one day work with your gallery. I truly hope it will work out well and earn your trust eventually. Looking forward to working with you.
Kim Lunsford

Mr. Busch and I are extremely pleased with our purchases from you. You and all the people at Prestige Fine Art are such a joy with which to work. We will definitely be back to do business again. It is wonderful to come across people that still take pride in their business and service. You combined business with a friendly, easygoing atmosphere that completely put us at ease. As for the work, well it's amazing! We couldn't be happier! Thank you so much, we just can't say enough good things about the service, and the quality of work regarding Prestige. It was certainly a pleasure.
Mrs. Busch, Vice President - Mr. Busch II, President

Here is the painting "Fruit and Flowers" now hanging on my dining room wall. The painting is gorgeous. The colors are warm and vibrant, the frame is exquisite; the art soothes the soul. When I first saw it on your web page, somehow I knew its destiny would be my dinning room wall. Thanks for all your wonderful help.
Mr. Lanser

Mr. Kugler and I just adore The Flower Market. It is still on the floor near our original, a French street scene by Victor Gilbert. We have to figure out what to do over that mantel. We have enclosed several "styles" by various French Post-Impressionists, becoming well known here in New York. None of them are the "one" we must have, but we wanted to send them to give you an idea as to the feel of what we like. Mr. Kugler still likes that bridge at Argenteuill, but I feel it definitely needs to be larger if it is to be on that mantel wall with the two French scenes. I also feel that that shade of blue is wrong for our home. It is too sharp. We're hoping to find some more paintings in your gallery. Please keep in touch with us, now that we've enclosed additional French artists that we like. We're still very much interested in those ladies, sitting on the shore. Mr. Kugler and I have considered sending just the painting to NY. In that way, we'll see how it looks over the living room sofa and exactly what size we should be thinking about for that mantel. You can always send us the gorgeous frame after we see it "belongs" in our living room. (I think it has our name on it!!!)
Mrs. Kugler

Please excuse my delay in writing. As I mentioned on the phone, I am simply thrilled with my two new paintings. This is the third painting I've bought with you and find the quality is just superb. And nicest is how delightful you and your staff are to work with. Everything came safely and was well packed and is now being enjoyed daily. Please feel free to have Dr. W call me as I'd be more than pleased to recommend you.
Mrs. Foster

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a pleasure it was dealing with you and your staff at Prestige, but I did not realize how much I would enjoy the experience until I uncrated our painting. We could never have been more pleased, as the painting is outstanding. I was so excited I just had to hang the painting that evening. Mr. Eidel and I have been looking for a painting for our center hall for some time now, and we are glad that we waited and were fortunate enough to find Prestige Fine Art. Your artist captured the essence of the original we saw at the Louvre so well, we wished he would have signed it. You have delivered more than anticipated. Thank you again, and we look forward to our next purchase
Mr. & Mrs Schepps NJ

Today we received Monet's Cliff Walk....our fourth painting from your fine gallery. It took my breath away. I am so thrilled because it is even lovlier than I imagined. All of the paintings are of exceptional quality. They look wonderful in our home. I appreciate all the assistance and advice you gave me in selecting the right painting for the right spot. We could not be more pleased. Rest assured, we will call you in the future should we need more art.
Mr. & Mrs Eidel Winter Park, FL

“I have gorgeous paintings from Prestige Fine Art all over my home and office.  Guests never fail to comment on them.  I’ll be back when I have empty wall space… or just want to look at something new.”
Alex Green, investment director The Oxford Club, and author of An Embarrassment of Riches

A testimonial for Ed Mero's Museum Quality book

“Museum Quality is a delightful and inspiring book written by a connoisseur of the arts.” Mark Skousen, renowned speaker, writer, and author of Forecast and Strategies

Connoisseurs around the globe have experienced first hand the exquisite details that go into every work of art we produce. Though an artist can be his own worst critic, we feel the best judge of a true masterpiece are those who behold the most euphoric of an art lovers experiences; owning one.

At Prestige Fine Art, we feel that word of mouth is the sincerest form of flattery. Our ambition is to make each of our clients desires our number one priority. Avid collectors, owners of originals, auction attendees, and even museum curators, demand superior talent. We have been honing our techniques one success after another to please even the most demanding critic. We're confident we can deliver the ultimate in quality and service no matter what category of art you desire.

Perhaps most common of all comments are those that say "I never realized I could own several masterpieces for the price of one original". Many people underestimate the unlimited variety of subject matter and artistic styles that are available to them. Some have even exclaimed "Why would I want to buy original art when yours look even better?"

Our magnificent framing department has its fair share of compliments as well. Several of the frames we carry can be seen in some of the worlds most prominent museums and galleries as well as at the major auction houses. No matter what artist or style of art, we frame your masterpiece to perfection.

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