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Historical / Western

Hand-Painted by Our Artists Custom Art Re-Creations

“Historical”, to the folks at Prestige Fine Art, means paintings that signify events in the world that merit recognition and have been documented by a well-known artist. It is a broad category that encompasses its own distinctive set of subcategories: Religious, War, Independence, Cultural Events, and Societal Changes. These paintings represent monumental moments captured by monumental artists.

Prestige Fine Art

Portrait of Thomas Edison - Prestige Fine Art

Montague Dawson

The Rising Wind - Dawson

Frederic Remington

A Dash for the Timbers - Remington

Frederic Remington

Calvary Charges on the Southern Plains - Remington

Carl Heinrich

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman - Heinrich

Andre Pater

The Dinner Party - Grun

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