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Hand-Painted Custom Art Re-Creations

Prestige Fine Art’s art category, “Impressionism”, is the only term we use that is closely aligned with the term used in the academic and art historical worlds. It represents paintings created by the avant-garde artists of the 19th century; a time of groundbreaking changes in how artists saw the world around them. When collectors ask me, “What exactly does impressionism mean,” I explain that the artists used a lot of color and vibrant strokes of paint applied quickly and thickly, thus creating a loose “impression” of a subject or scene rather than a detailed and highly refined study: think Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir.

Paul Cezzane

the card players - cezanne

Edgar Degas

The Pink Dancers - Degas

Claude Monet

Wild Poppies - Monet

Vincent Van Gogh

Peasant Woman in a Field - Van Gogh

Frank Benson

Calm Morning - Benson

Jules Alexandre Grun

The Dinner Party - Grun

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Custom Paintings and Artwork

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