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Frequently Asked Questions
Prestige Fine Art - Museum Quality Fine Art

More than a mere poster, print, canvas transfer, or giclee, Prestige Fine Art offers only highest quality fine art available, Museum Quality, Hand Painted Oil Paintings. There are no equals, and nothing matches the original more closely. With so much art floating around, how does a true connoisseur make a distinction? We are asked a plethora of questions on a daily basis, and are providing this area to answer some of those that you might have. Should you have any further questions we have provided a form below to answer yours personally.

Q.) How are your Paintings done?

A.) Our artists start with a select raw linen canvas primed with gesso. Typically the work is enlarged or drawn onto the canvas using techniques to retain the highest degree of accuracy. The artist then begins to paint, using the same techniques and materials as the original artist. Talents in glazing, layering, underpainting, and a variety of other processes and tools are utilized to render a work as close to the original as possible.

Q.) Can you see the brush strokes?

A.) Yes. Because these are actual hand painted oils on canvas, the depth that is built by layering the strokes of say a Van Gogh or Monet is readily apparent.

Q.) How close are your paintings to the originals?

A.) The fact that our works are re-created using techniques and materials identical to the masters, renders art that almost exactly resembles the original work. Slight detail loss and minimal color variance is a possibility when re-creating works, however every feasible step is taken to insure the integrity and accuracy of the final image to its original. Our clientele tell us "we have no equal".

Q.) What kind of guarantee do I have?

A.) Prestige Fine Art offers a 10 day in-home viewing period. Should you not be 100% satisfied with your selection, simply return your masterpiece for a full refund (less shipping).

Q.) Will my re-creation increase in value?

A.) Typically not, the highest value is received on its initial acquisition. Imagine owning a Van Gogh for $5,000 when someone else paid $50,000,000. Works that have been weathered or destroyed through time have continuously been re-created, often for display in famous museums, homes, and galleries throughout the world. Our philosophy is that the greatest experience to behold from a masterpiece work of art is owning it.

Q.) Can I have a painting in a specific size?

A.) Yes. Custom sizes are a common request for us, however, sometimes certain works can require cropping (slight image loss) to reach exact measurements or proportions. Keep this in mind when ordering your custom piece.

Q.) Do you paint custom portraits or works from photos?

A.) Yes. We have successfully re-created portraits and works from photos repeatedly, in addition we have altered famous works to include our clients, their family or their possessions within the work. Although this opens a world of opportunity it is limited to a degree of complexity, and scrutiny.

Q.) How are your paintings different from posters, prints, transfers, and other techniques of reproduction?

A.) Although there is not enough room here to develop a lengthy explanation, one main difference is we do not utilize any printing process to produce the end result. As a result our works tend to reveal a much deeper tonal range and far greater luminescence, along with the look, texture and shapes of the mediums used on the original works. Very few companies offer the technique we have perfected and those that do pale in direct comparisons. Again they are not prints, nor paint on prints, or accentuated image to canvas transfers, in any way or form.

Q.) Are quantity or trade discounts available?

A.) Yes. We encourage a wider distribution channel and a commitment to fine art as a decor enhancement. In certain situations discounts can apply as quickly as the second item ordered.


Questions Regarding Framing (see frames below)

Q.) Do you provide framing?

A.) Yes. We have an entire department devoted just to framing. A wide variety of styles and price ranges are available to you, as well as helpful advice, experience and creative style.

Q.) What types of frames do you offer?

A.) In addition to our finest custom all wood, hand carved and gold leaf frames we also offer a selection of traditionally sized, popular styled frames that incorporate gold leafing and high quality features such as crackless seams. Often a perfect fit can be achieved utilizing a cost effective length molding to create just the right feel.

Q.) Can I see samples of the frames?

A.) Yes. In addition to our web site which showcases many of the options available to you, we also offer photographs of our various frames. Also from time to time we are introduced to innovative and unique designs perfect for a small margin of works. In some situations we offer photos of your finished work along with corner samples to make your selection easier.

Q.) What are your frames made of?

A.) We utilize only real wood frames. A generous portion of our frames however, are guilded from select grades of wood, then hand carved by skilled craftsman, and finally rubbed in layers of real 22K gold leafing. Custom sizing and styles are available to create a solution that sets off the painting in a perfect way, regardless of your decor.

Q.) What do collectors think about your frames?

A.) Prestige Fine Art strives for perfection, one way we insure this is to use only the finest materials, techniques and tools available. Visit any museum and you are very likely to see those identical frames in our gallery. Strategic affiliations with those exact manufacturers allow us aggressive pricing and true "museum quality" framing.

Q.) Are specially shaped frames available?

A.) With the ability to custom guild frames we can accommodate an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Ovals, circles, and any rectangular or square shape are available to you, most with custom availability, feel free to ask your consultant about your individual concerns.

Custom Frames

Custom Frames Prestige Fine Art
Custom Frames Museum Quality Fine Art
Custom Frames Prestige Fine Art
Custom Frames Museum Quality Fine Art
Custom Frames Prestige Fine Art
Custom Frames Museum Quality Fine Art
Custom Frames Prestige Fine Art
Custom Frames Museum Quality Fine Art

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