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Prestige Fine Art Oil Painting Reproduction Catalog
Screen Saver Instructions

To make delivery of our catalog more expedient we have introduced a method to print out your own inventory list. These items are currently in our gallery now and available for immediate delivery.

There are several issues to note when trying to print your own catalog. First make sure you are using the recommended browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer. We have tested these pages with Netscape and found that by playing with the recommended settings you can print out the list via Netscapes browsers. Also Notice that the images are interactive while displayed in your browser which means that if you would like to print a larger version, or a format with more information on a particular piece, you are welcome to, simply click on the desired artwork to bring up a details page.

Finally check your page settings by clicking the word File in the menubar then select Page Setup, check to see that all margins are set to .75, or three quarters of an inch, and that your headers and footers are set to print. If you do not understand these terms, try printing the first few pages, to see if they are correct, typically this will yield acceptable results. Otherwise we suggest manipulating the values in the Top and Bottom margins to accommodate a perfect fit.

Should you require more assistance feel free to call our consultants at 800-838-9885, or order our information package here.

Screen Saver Instructions

Click on the download link.

Choose to run the file from its location (you can save it optionally).

Setup will begin after downloading (or when you execute it).

The default setup is a few enter keys and you're set.

The screen saver will periodically update itself to incorporate newer images as we make them available. If you have an internet connection.

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