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A World of Their Own, By Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

A World of Their Own
Original Size
5.12 X 19.75

Painting Details
Item No:
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
A World of Their Own
Original Artwork Details
Original Size:
5.12 X 19.75
The Taft Museum, Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft
Romantic / Classical / Victorian
Lovers, Lanscapes / Pastorals, ,
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Opus CCCLXXVIIIAlma-Tadema's only painting of 1905 was this small but delicate study on the eternal subject of lovers engrossed with each other as they lie on a flowery clifftop. It is an unusually wide-angle composition in which the ivory-headed stic

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Prestige Fine Art Gallery exhibition number P1026 is an exceptional Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence oil painting in the Romantic / Classical / Victorian Genre or Style of painting. The artist Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, paintings are oil paintings worthy of any collectors eye. A World of Their Own can be hand painted by our master artist in any size desired or you may wish to choose another painting by Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence. Oil Paintings from any museum, gallery or auction house can be transformed into a superior reproduction oil painting. A World of Their Own is a fine example of master artists Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence talented artistic skills.
Lovers Oil Paintings are available as both commissioned works of art, or purchased directly from the gallery exhibition. Oil painting artists will also customize your paintings with special aging and varnishing techniques exclusive to Prestige Fine Art Gallery. Doesn't your home deserve a Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, oil painting of A World of Their Own. Oil Paintings of the finest quality, Romantic / Classical / Victorian paintings, Lovers painting. Or if your search is for Romantic / Classical / Victorian fine art reproductions then a reproduction fine art oil painting can be found here.

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