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Flowers and Fruit

25 X 21 In.
Est. Value:
Richard Green

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir's
Flowers and Fruit

(Circa: 1889)

In September 1890 Durand-Ruel bought from Renoir this painting, and another painting similar. Still lifes were one of the ImprOil Painting Reproductions?essionists' most readily marketable commodities. Form and color alike are carefully arranged here, above the nuanced light colors of the tablecloth, interwoven contrasts of red and green revolve around the blue and orange patterned vase.

Provenance: Charles Durand-Ruel (purchased from the artist on 6th September, 1890); Pierre Durand-Ruel, Paris; Mrs. Selznick, Paris; Sam Salz, New York (purchased from the above in 1965); Colonel and Mrs. Edgar W. Garbish, New York; Sam Salz, New York; Private Collection, Europe, acquired on 30th March 1973

Reproduction oil paintings?Exhibited: Paris, Manzi-Joyant, "Exposition d'Art Moderne, 1912, no 172; Paris, Galerie Durand-Ruel, "Memorial Exhibition, 1920; Rotterdam, Boynams Museum, "Four Centuries of French Still Life," 1954, no 101; New York, Durand-Ruel Gallery, "Renoir Exhibition," 1958, no 23; New York, Wildenstein, "Renoir," 1969, no 50, illustrated.

Literature: J Meier Graefe, "Renoir," 1929, no 184, illustrated, p. 196

To be included in volume V (Les natures mortes) of the Renoir Catalogue raisonne being prepared by Francois Daulte.

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