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Portrait of Renoir Artworks and Oil PaintingsPierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born at Limoges in 1841, the son of working class parents. In 1845 the family moved to Paris. When Renoir was thirteen years old he was apprenticed to a Parisian factory where porcelains and earthenware were produced. Renoir spent four years at this establishment, and long before the end of the four years Renoir had become one of the factory's most valued decorators.
It was during this period that Renoir was first introduced to great art, he spent countless hours at the Louvre, drawing from the masterpieces. Renoir later said that Boucher's Diana at the Bath was his first enthusiasm among paintings, and he has stated that Boucher was his Renoir Painting Reproductions"first love".
At an early age Renoir had already decided that painting was his true career; and with money he saved from his commercial employments he began his studies in the art schools. Many years of poverty followed; at the age of thirty, he was still grateful for a full meal at his father's table. The scraps leftover from the dinner Renoir would take to his friend Claude Monet, who was still in greater need.
Renoir served in the army during the war of 1870, however his share in the struggle was ad Artist Renoir minor one. The major struggles in Renoir's life were those in his career. Renoir was active in organizing the Impressionists exhibitions and sales for twelve years. He was one of the Impressionists leaders from the beginning. Gradually during this time, the hostility of the critics anpublic began to waver. However Renoir never faltered in his admiration for his friends such as Monet, Cezanne and Degas, but in 1886, after conflict within the group had begun to change his character, he refused to continue his participation in their shows.
When, in 1881, Renoir for the first time had solid sums of money in his pocket, he fulfilled an ardent desire to travel and further study the masters. Upon his return from his journey, he married Aline Charigot, whom is painted in Luncheon of the Boating Party. In the eighties began the ill health which was to plague the artist thRenoir Artistroughout his life and which stands in such striking distinction to the pleasant quality of his painting.Renoir suffered periodic periods of extreme pain. Yet, never was his art so joyful as in his later years when he was deprived the use of his legs, and had to have his brushes fastened to his hand with a kind of clasp. In 1915 Madame Renoir died, her death was a tragic blow to Renoir. However his art never suffered from the depression, the beautiful things of nature were the great stimulants of his art. Renoir was deeply devoted to the great works of the past, and from them drew inspiration. In 1919, Renoir, unable to walk but eager to see once again the masterpieces he loved, traversed in his wheel chair the long galleries of the Louvre. Renoir died in 1919.

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